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8 gifts for Mother’s Day


If your mother is passionate about technology, she’s excited about listening to music, there’s no shortage of gadgets in her purse and the smartphone is her only camera…. give her more ways to enjoy everything she likes.

Here you have our selection of 8 gifts for hyper-connected, practical, modern, technological mothers…. Find the gift that will make her feel special on Mother’s Day.

1. Ultra-thin premium case

Your mother’s on the cutting edge! She’s already texting even faster than you, she’s taken a liking to Youtube tutorials and has located in Google Maps where to buy the best products. She’s a champion of the smartphone, so this case will be her favourite accessory.

The ultra-thin Premium case is the second skin every phone needs. The best protection for your smartphone and a real gift to the touch. So thin, you won’t even notice it’s on. A fall-proof gift to showcase her phone’s design without losing a shred of protection.
gifts for Mother's Day Ultra-thin case

2. Power bank 5.000 mAh

For mothers who are out and about for long hours between home and work, this gift will help her master the art of multitasking. A full-charged cell phone when and where she needs it. With Ideus there is no room for unforeseen events. This model, with a soft and nice touch finish, is available in a variety of colours. And in just over 50 minutes, your phone will be charged and ready to go. A very handy battery to carry in her bag. She’s gonna love it!gifts for Mother's Day power bank

3. Hands-free headset

There’s a special bond with the songs we heard at home when we were kids. We created emotional bonds and strong memories with the music that our parents liked and every time that music is played something within us reawakens.

We’re living in a different era now and the way we listen to music has changed, but we’re sure your mother is still enjoying those great songs on and on again. That’s why we’re sure you’ll love the Ideus hands-free headset.

With a metallic finish and a flat, knot-free cable, they allow you to listen to music from any device. But they’re not just ordinary headphones: the built-in microphone and cable controls let you answer calls, control sound and activate Siri or Google Now. Your mum can use her handsfree feature whenever she’s going to work, running errands or cooking. While the soundtrack of your childhood plays for Mother's Day hands-free headset

4. Pointer with pen

It looks just like a pen, but it’s far from that. If we talk about Ideus’ universal pointer, we are talking about infinite possibilities. It’s meant to help you write down your ideas, draw, write and be inspired. It will help your mother navigate and search in a more agile way. An accessory to carry in her bag so she can handle touch devices with maximum precision. She can write quick notes like in a notebook, but on her mobile screen. If she’s a fan of publishing Stories on Instagram, she can use the pointer to write fun and nice-looking phrases, which is much trickier to do with our fingers. gifts for Mother's Day stylus

5. Tripod for smartphones

It’s cool to treasure family memories with pictures. But we know that capturing the best moments and having them all in the same picture is very complicated. You are all part of that family group that your mother wants to portrait – without anyone being left out. So… you want to make sure she always has her tripod with her!

The tripod is elementary for family photography, it is the piece that gives stability and ensures that the photos come out well. So, you know, give your mum this small, compact mobile tripod by Ideus. With this treasure, she’ll take sharp, timely shots. Its detachable head allows you to use the tripod with your old digital camera. Keep the best track of the family experiences!gifts for Mother's Day tripod for smartphone

6. Mobile phone for seniors: IM520

Make life easier for that special person who simply wants to talk smoothly with her children. With the IM520 senior mobile phone, calling is made as simple as possible with its two speed dial keys. Designed with large buttons, it has a powerful speaker that reads the numbers as they’re dialed, has a shell-type lock, emergency button, buzzer alarms and FM for Mother's Day easy to use mobile phone

7. Travel charger (4 ports)

Every time you get together at home, it’s always the same fight to see who charges the phone first. That’s why we have this 4-port USB charger, perfect if there are few plugs in your home and many power-hungry devices.

It’s really useful because with this network charger, family members can simultaneously plug in up to four devices. Its intelligent charging system identifies the type of device connected and delivers the optimal charge at the right speed.
It sounds practical, useful and conventional but, believe us, when it comes to choosing a gift, it is definitely the right product to go for!gifts for Mother's Day multiport home charger

8. Magnetic car holder

If your mother likes to travel and appreciates good design, we have a gift that will make her feel more comfortable. Your mother will drive knowing that she can see the GPS at all times to follow her instructions, change her music or make a call via Bluetooth. Simply place the bracket in the air vent of your car and that’s that!

This model stands out for its lightness and easy installation by means of a magnetic system consisting of a metal adhesive plate that is placed on the device and then attached to the grid support. One of the best car holders out there to gift your mother for her mobile phone. Forget about leaving the cell phone in your pocket or on the passenger seat. Make her travel for Mother's Day magnetic air vent car holder

Why choose technology?

Because she deserves it, give Mum more ways to enjoy everything she already likes.We’re sure she already enjoys her technological devices, but we want her to make the most of them with these techy accessories. Give her protection, versatility and entertainment. Tell us, how are you going to surprise her on Mother’s Day?

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