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Ideus is a technological brand which manufactures and distributes mobile phone accessories and electronic devices. Based in Spain and with a wide international presence, Ideus is a leader in the large self-service and department stores in the south of Europe.

Our wide range of products, personalised advice and huge logistical capacity allow our customers to increase their sales.

In addition, Ideus offers a unique shopping experience, thanks to its exclusive shop decoration concept and packaging which is completely different and includes augmented reality as one of its latest added value innovations.


Ideus, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, efficiently places a universe of accessories in your shop.

The latest trends, the most popular gadgets, cutting-edge technology… our catalogue covers the widest range in a constantly changing market avid for new innovations.

But Ideus is much more than mobile phone accessories. From domestic telephony, mobile phones for the elderly, music or sports devices, to free applications and medical and health appliances controlled from your mobile…

A full range of technical products at your disposal.


If anyone can tell you who and how we are, it is our customers. From large shopping centres to more than 1000 small specialist shops, we adapt to all your needs.

Each one is different and we are just as you need us to be.

  • Specialist channel: The Phone House, Vodafone, Pictel, Telecor.
  • Multi-specialist channel: El Corte Inglés, K-Tuin, Fnac.
  • Large stores: Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Eroski.
  • E-commerce: Amazon, Redcoon.
  • Other: Travel Club, Virgin Stores, Arvato, Hiper-Dino.
  • Small specialists: more than 1000 retailers in Spain and Portugal.

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