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Metallic Hands free headset

EAN13: 8432471139354 REF: PHF800BK

Our Ideus metallic handsfree headphones are comfortable, well designed with a powerful bass that will make you feel like you are listening to live music, right from your device. They are equipped with an anti-knot flat cable that is 1.20m long from with the capability to answer calls, send voice commands and even take photos.. It includes 3 sizes of interchangeable ear pads for a comfortable fit.

SRP: €12.95


    • Universal hands-free headsets with bidirectional conversation.
    • Touch "+" key and take a photo while you hear music.
    • Anti-knot flat cable<
    • Length: 1.20m
    • Multi-functional button on cable.
    • Sensitivity: 95±3dB
    • Impedancy: 32 Ohm±110%
    • Frecuency: 20Hz-20KHz Max.
    • Max. Power: 10mW
    • Connection : Ø3.5mm
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