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Our experience at the MWC2017 in Barcelona left us with such a good taste in our mouth that this year we have decided to repeat it. It’s the perfect place to showcase our innovations, exchange ideas with colleagues from our industry and look for business opportunities that we can’t miss.

Last year we presented a worldwide innovation in our sector: the augmented reality applied to product packaging. Among the more than 2,000 companies that took part in the congress, we were the only one to offer this radically new and revolutionary shopping experience.

The interest aroused by Ideus AR can be seen in this short video: faces of surprise and admiration for a work that was then still incipient but well done.

Nowadays the augmented reality Ideus AR is already applied in all our packagings. It provides an additional service to the customer and a clear added value, both for the end user and for the seller: gamification, information and many other advantages.

This year we will attend the MWC in Barcelona with the augmented reality project in full operation and will also present all the new products and services that we have been developing throughout the current year and that we will offer to our customers throughout 2018.

We have a new, faster, better-designed website with many more features for our distributors; we have developed tempered glass protectors with a superior quality to that currently available on the market, 4D screen protectors, which have been one of the best-selling products in 2017 – we will take advantage of the MWC to perform spectacular live demonstrations; we will present our new wireless chargers, undoubtedly set to be one of the stars for next season.

We are looking forward to welcome you with open arms at the CS120 stand of Congress Square in Barcelona, from 26 February to 1 March. You can’t miss it!

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