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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we introduced the latest in technology applied to the packaging. Using a free augmented reality app, the user receives information about the product and can interact with it, without even removing it from the packaging.

A revolution in our sector. Users are becoming more and more accustomed to the “on-line” world and expect a similar experience in the physical shop to that obtained via the internet. Ideus has managed to combine the online and offline experiences by means of a revolutionary App and packaging.


We started four years ago with the production of a new packaging type especially designed for self-service stores: with safety fastenings, RF anti-theft alarm, an exclusive hook to ensure the product is always perfectly placed on the shelf and an authenticity hologram.

Two years ago we continued with the decoration of hundreds of shelves all over Spain, with spectacular but minimally invasive fittings. In just one day we arrive, install and set up the product in the shop. In those places where we have installed the fitting, we have obtained sell-out increases of up to 80%. We are currently expanding the business model to other European countries.


Now we have added a new twist to the packaging to completely change the user’s shopping experience. By just focusing on the packaging using your Smartphone camera, the product can be viewed in three dimensions outside the box. It can be turned, zoomed in and out and looked at from all angles, while a voiceover describes the most notable features of the product.

The advantages of augmented reality are numerous: for the consumer, they obtain more information about the product and enjoy a more satisfying shopping experience–almost 70% of consumers prefer to find out about the features of a product themselves rather than be attended by a shop assistant; for the point of sale, the user spends more time at the product display with the result that the conversion rate increases, as does engagement with the brand and with the point of sale providing this experience.

Join the Ideus family and let your customers enjoy the greatest shopping experience on the market.


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