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UVC led mobile sanitization unit box with wireless charger

EAN13: 8432471195565 REF: UVQBOXWH

Worried about bacteria on your mobile? Ideus presents the disinfection box with aroma diffuser and wireless charger for your device. You can charge your mobile, disinfect it and leave a pleasant aroma on it and in your room, all in the same device. A must have for the home!

SRP: €39.95


    • UV LED lamp:2*3 pcs
    • UV Power:3W
    • Ultraviolet LED lamp life 50000H
    • UVC-LED lamp wavelength:270-280NM
    • Charger port:Type C
    • Input:5V-2A, 9V-2A
    • Output:5W-7.5W-10W
    • Transmission distance:2-6MM
    • Charge efficiency:78%
    • Size: 205 x 126 mm
    • Inner size: 182 X 106 X 16 mm
  • Universal
  • Universal

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