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Universal stylus with ball pen RCD Espanyol

EAN13: 8432471120109 REF: STYESPANYOL

You're sure to have pressed the wrong button on your phone screen on some occasion. The Ideus universal stylus for capacitive touch screens lets you control your phone or tablet screen with greater precision and not have to use your fingers.

The Ideus stylus provides precise control. It is also a pen so it lets you write faster and draw better. You can even write your notes while working with your device. How did you get by without your stylus?

SRP: €12.95


    • Works with any capacitive screen
    • For the most popular phone & tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG or any other digital device with capacitive screen
    • Stylus & Ballpen: write on your notes while using your digital device.
  • No compatibilities for this product.

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