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Metallic External Battery Pol Litio 10000 mAh

EAN13: 8432471138777 REF: PBPL10000MEGD

Our Ideus metallic power bank comes pre-charged and ready to use on the go, providing you with an extra 4 to 5 full charges of your smarphone in just 50 to 90 minutes each. It is equipped with two USB ports that allow for simultaneous charges, as well as a data sync cable. Our power bank is very light and also includes a low battery LED indicator.

SRP: €39.95


    • Li- polymer battery with two 5000mA cells.
    • Metallic finish.
    • Inputs: lightning DC 5.0V-15000mA. and Micro Usb: DC 5.0V-2100mA.
    • Output 1: DC 5V-1000mA.
    • Output 2: DC 5V-2100mA.
    • Dimensions: 72 x 138 x 15 mm.| Weight: 224 g.
    • Smartphone charging time: 50 - 90 min (a 2.1A) 90 min - 3h (a 1A).
    • Tablet charging time: 2 - 5 h (a 2.1A) 5 - 10 h (a 1A).
    • Power and sync cable: 24AWG/28AWG
  • Universal
  • Universal

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