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IvyHealth body analysis scale

EAN13: 8432471127788 REF: IVSCB

The body analysis scale, IVSCB. Your weight under control…and a lot more.

It uses non-invasive electronic technology for obtaining your body composition values: your total weight, your body mass index, the weight of your body fat, your bones and your muscles as well as body water percentage and visceral fat rate.

Use it with or without the application. You do NOT need to be connected to the internet for normal use.
Get to know your body outside… and in!

Download the IvyHealth app for Android on Google play and for iOS on the App Store

SRP: €99.95


    • Dimensions: 305x305x24mm
    • Weight measurement range: 3-150 Kg
    • Body fat measurement range: 5% - 45%
    • Body water percentage measurement range: 29% - 69.5%
    • Bone mass/muscle mass index: 0.1Kg
    • LED screen and “low battery” indicator
    • Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connection and IvySync
    • It works with 4 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Automatic reset to “0”
    • It displays body weight reading on the scale screen and the rest of the parameters on the mobile phone or Tablet via the IvyHealth app.
  • No compatibilities for this product.

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