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Easy to use mobile phone IM525

EAN13: 8432471142385 REF: IM525GY

Our mobile phone for the elderly, IM525 Ideus, is designed with large keys and screen. It is intended to make calls easier with two quick dial keys. Clamshell style with a powerful speaker which reads the numbers as they are dialed, it also has an emergency button, vibration alerts and radio.

SRP: €49.95


    • Adapted mobile phone for people with audition, vision or handling problems.
    • Big buttons, ergonomic shape and very low weight.
    • Emergency SOS button.
    • Bluetooth.
    • Photo camera.
    • Low battery message and beep alert.
    • 2 one-touch memory keys M1 and M2.
    • Hands-free, torch.
    • Radio FM without cables.
    • 2,4'' color display.
    • Alarm clock function, calculator and calendar.
    • Quad Band (GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ).
    • Dual SIM (Two slots SIM - MicroSIM).
    • Box: Battery, Charger, desktop charger and user guide.
  • Universal
  • Universal

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