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Mobile World Congress: what you want to see


We’re bringing the latest innovations in 4D tempered glass protectors and accessories to Mobile World Congress to customise, protect and connect a wide range of devices.

On our stand we’ll be showing the latest developments with our augmented reality app: Ideus AR. An app that’s a worldwide pioneer in its field. Also watch out, as we’ll be launching the first accessories for the show’s star handset, the brand new Galaxy S9. All this and more at the CS120 booth in Congress Square.

4D, more than just a glass screen protector.

At the stand we’ll be exhibiting the latest trends in 4D tempered glass protectors. A complete range of the best accessories using this technology, that guarantee better safety and care of the device whilst allowing an optimal view of the screen.

What makes these 4D protectors so special? The new 5-layer 4D glass protectors we’re presenting at MWC18 are the best protection a mobile phone can aspire to. Its main properties make it significantly different compared to other cheaper models:MWC: 4D tempered glass protector

  1. 0.33 mm Japanese glass, a thickness calculated to the millimetre so as not to reduce the transparency of the glass and offer the highest possible safety. This thickness achieves the perfect balance between protection and sharpness. All without it even being noticed that it’s fitted to the device.
  2. High-quality Korean adhesive glue, which offers the user a fast, simple and bubble-free glass fitting experience.
  3. 6 hours of tempering, which gives it a resistance far superior to other protectors on the market. To give you an idea, the more hours of tempering the harder the glass.
  4. Hardness, maximum resistance to direct impact and glass scratches.
  5. Special anti-fingerprint varnishing treatment, a layer that prevents fingerprints from being marked on the protector.
  6. Anti-fragmentation film (4D), which provides greater protection and safety in the event of breakage as it prevents the explosion of the edge of the protector, splits in a safe way and prevents glass particles from breaking out.
Augmented Reality at MWC

Augmented reality will be the star at MWC18 and on our stand with the app: Ideus AR. A pioneering application, which launched even before leading brands such as Apple. This is a revolutionary technology, which radically changes the buying process, as it allows you to manipulate and know the products in depth without removing them from their packaging.MWC: Augmented reality: Ideus AR

Ideus AR is a free app available in the App Store and Google Play. By simply focusing on the packaging with the smartphone camera, the product is projected three dimensionally outside the box. You can rotate, zoom in or out and observe it from all angles, while a voice presents the most outstanding features of the product. This is a great feature as the consumer has more information and can make a better decision, thus greatly improving the whole buying experience.

Are you ready to try it? Find out a new shopping experience and discover the “WOW” factor . Download the App Ideus AR for iOS here and for Android.

New range of Galaxy S9/S9 Plus accessories at the Mobile World Congress

Coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 at MWC18, we’ll already have a complete range of accessories for these handsets among our products. Because if Samsung launches its star handset, we take care of protecting it, literally, with the latest line of Ideus accessories to customise, protect and connect the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

We’re demonstrating once again that we’re the fastest. We offer our customers the best service and respond to the needs of a sector where anticipation and efficiency are fundamental. The fact that our customer is the first to have the product for sale remains our priority.

Visit us at Stand CS120 of the MWC

It’s time to sort out your calendar! MWC 2018 is just around the corner. This great exhibition takes place from February 26th to March 1st and we’ll be there, in the same place as usual, but with all the new features, making the latest trends in technology accessible.Ideus Booth at Mobile World Congress MWC

Visit us at Stand CS120 in Congress Square!

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