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If there is one thing that worries parents and is behind so many sleepless nights, it is the little ones’ temperature. When you child has a slight temperature, it is only natural that you will want to monitor their temperature at all times.

That is why almost all households have a thermometer to hand to take an exact temperature reading. As you know, the majority of thermometers on the market can be used orally (under the tongue, although this option is only recommended for children over the age of 4 years), in the rectum (very accurate but uncomfortable for the child), in the ear or under the arm.

How do you choose the best option? There are several types: digital, infrared ear monitors, plastic strips, baby dummy… Go for the most reliable and accurate, the one that offers the most precise measurements and is suited to the age of your child. For babies, dismiss models which are not recommended for use with small infants and remember that the best place for taking their temperature is the armpit.

If you are looking for something more, such as an intelligent thermometer which makes your life easier, keep reading. Because today we are going to talk about another way of monitoring your baby’s temperature, with the thermometer of the future.

Care of your baby is not unrelated to the technological revolution we are currently experiencing. More and more often there are more innovative products for monitoring your health and welfare, gadgets such as those designed by the company IvyHealth, which offer parents peace of mind and allow children to rest.
Baby wireless thermometer IVBT01

IVBT01 thermometer

There are many mothers and fathers who get up several times in the night to check on their child’s temperature. This can lead to exhaustion and stress. In view of this, IvyHealth has produced the IVBT01 thermometer, a device which not only measures the temperature but also monitors it continuously and remotely.

The IvyHealth wireless baby thermometer allows you to monitor the child’s temperature and control it using the free IvyHealth Kids application. It is placed around the baby’s arm and operates with a small sensor at the height of the armpit. This allows parents to know whether the child’s temperature is going up or down at all times via a series of personalised notifications sent by the device to your phone.

How does it work? The thermometer has a small comfortable sensor which is fitted into the bracelet strap. This sensor should be placed beneath the child’s armpit to obtain a correct measurement. The system measures temperatures between 35 and 42 degrees centigrade and fits an arm circumference of between 130 and 204 mm.

What does the IvyHealth Kids app allow you to do?
IvyHealth Kids App
First of all, parents should download the free IvyHealth Kids app, available for iOS and Android operating systems. This application safely stores the data offline and online. It also allows you to share the child’s temperature reading with just one click. The thermometer saves the temperature readings every 10 minutes to permit monitoring and comparison with other days. As it takes the temperature constantly, you can see a graph of how the temperature varies through the night or day, providing you with more information to pass to the pediatrician.
IvyHealth Kids App

Some of the most notable features include:

Automatic connection that does not require wifi
Thanks to the IvySync connection, the thermometer is automatically synchronised by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), without needing to be paired first.

Monitors your baby
Download the IvyHealth Kids app to control your child’s temperature at any moment, receive notifications and share information safely.

Pleasant for the baby
The thermometer operates via a small sensor fitted into the soft comfortable bracelet strap, made of silicone.

Installation of the application
Install the free “IvyHealth Kids” application from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Share the data
In addition, parents who want to share the data with other members of the family or the doctor can do so via e-mail using the app. If, for any reason you are concerned about your child’s temperature, always seek medical advice.

This small intelligent IVBT01 thermometer is sold in two colours: blue or pink and is available from our Web. If you are looking for simplicity, reliability and peace of mind, the IVBT01 thermometer offers excellent quality. Both for first-time and the most experienced parents.

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