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It has just started 2018 and everything is unknown as to which mobile phones will become the flagship of the companies. Before entering the New Year, it is time to review 2017 with the ranking of top selling mobile phones in Spain. The best-selling smartphone in 2017 may not be the one you think it is. There is a clear winner… Who will it be?

The year 2017 has been the year of the iPhone X, the mobile phone developed by Apple on the tenth anniversary of its first iPhone, and it is one of the most representative mobile phones of the year. A record-breaking mobile phone that so far has been the most expensive in history. It has also been the year of Xiaomi, the Asian manufacturer has officially landed in Spain and has done it all over the place. And what about the big comeback of Nokia, needed a blow of effect and got it resuscitating the mythical Nokia 3310.

However, according to Kantar, in a study published on its website, no high-end smartphone expected to be the protagonist has been the most sold mobile phone in Spain in 2017. Neither the iPhone X, nor Apple’s iPhone 8, nor even the Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

The best-selling smartphone brands in Spain

The best-selling smartphone brands in Spain
Samsung continues to be the market leader. The Korean giant keeps on being the best-selling brand in Spain with a 26.6% market share in the third quarter of 2017. With the graph data we see that Samsung and Huawei, with 19%, lead hand in hand the mobile market in Spain. And for scoring. Both far exceed Apple (10.5%). The Spanish BQ obtained a meritorious fourth place (9.3%), followed by Xiaomi (9%) and LG (4.8%).

Xiaomi’s surprise, the Chinese brand has managed to get into the top 5 best-selling brands with a spectacular rise in recent months. Xiaomi’s good performance in Spain is mainly due to the price of its handsets, which are around 250 euros, offering very similar features to other mobile phones that have a much higher price.

Traditionally Cupertino’s have had very little percentage of sales in Spain. That’s why Apple’s rally is starting to rise sharply thanks to the iPhone 7. We’ll see if the iPhone X sets a benchmark and helps sales over the next few months. ComTech expert Pablo Martínez from Kantar Worldpanel comments:”It’s true that Apple is the brand that manages to move a greater mass of loyal customers, but it still has a lot of room for growth in Spain to reach the levels of the United Kingdom or the United States. Due to the characteristics of the Spanish market, the price differential with other terminals of other brands can be a handicap for their growth, but they will always capture the piece of cake of the market that looks for’ exclusiveness’ or that’ fashion halo’ that Apple can offer.

Best selling mobile phones in Spain in 2017

Best selling mobile phones in Spain in 2017

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is the best-selling mobile phone, followed by its younger brother J3 and the Huawei P8 Lite 2017. The data shows the enormous presence of the mid-range and the commitment to the more traditional brands. A Xiaomi model, the Redmi Note 4 is ranked as the eighth best-selling smartphone, while the iPhone 7 ranks fifth and the only high-end smartphone in the Top 5. The next phone to follow is the Samsung Galaxy S7, leaving the long-awaited Galaxy S8 off the list. Another of the data extracted from the Kantar metrics is that Samsung has placed 5 of its models among the top 10 best sellers. Not bad at all.

Smartphone sales according to screen size

Smartphone sales according to screen sizeLooking at the list of best-selling mobile phones one thing is clear: Spaniards like big terminals. In fact, 84% of mobile phones sold this year have a screen of 5 inches or more. This is a point to make, given that manufacturers do not launch smaller devices, the odd thing would be that the data will show something else. Another interesting point is that we make better use of the front panel with almost borderless screens. The trend is clear, more screen and better used.

Average price paid for mobile phones in SpainAverage price paid for mobile phones in Spain

Another trend that won’t surprise anyone is that we pay more and more for our terminals: on average we pay 237 euros, 61 euros more than in 2016.

So it is paradoxical that despite the intensive use of the mobile phone in Spain, the user does not seem to be very interested in spending large amounts of money to obtain the most advanced models on the market. No matter how much we talk about them. Clearly, the Spanish market has opted for medium range mobile phones with large screens.

Where does the smartphone market go?

In short, Samsung and Huawei are the top selling brands, but they don’t manage to put their top-end representatives at the top of the ranking. In contrast to Apple with its iPhone 7, we will have to see what happens in the next few quarters with the iPhone X and if we see it among the top sellers. The key may lie in launching a flexible terminal. We’ll keep an eye out!

Now it’s time to look ahead, and see what new releases and surprises lie ahead for the next 12 months. In 2018, we will see Apple try to scratch market share while smartphones will continue to grow their screen with almost imperceptible edges. Looks like Samsung’s still gonna be the king of mobile telephony, don’t you think? What we know for sure is that we are eager to see what surprises us this 2018.

Source for the study: Kantar.

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