The best Apps of 2017


It is the last month of the year and it is time to take stock and review everything we have experienced. The Google Play Store has already published a list of the best
Apps and games that have been released during 2017. Take a look because you may discover apps you didn’t know or you thought that they were not for you and, believe us, you’re going to want to try them. There are some surprises!

These are the best Apps and games in Spain:

Best App of the year:

This is the App which has surprised us the most this year, useful and with an intelligent and attractive design.Socratic, best App of the year
Socratic – Help with Math and Homework. An educational tool that has put many teachers on guard. It helps you to solve your homework, mainly Math, which is the strong point of this app. How does it work? Take a picture of your question, be it a math problem or a history or literature question, and Socratic will look for the answer.

Most popular App:

The most downloaded app of 2017.FaceApp, the most popular App
FaceApp. It is able to transform your face or anyone’s face with a simple click. It uses an artificial intelligence system to modify the faces. The great thing about this app, besides the filters, is the possibility of mounting collages with them. They are perfect for showing before and after.

Best social App:

From communities where you can address common interests to Apps for communicating with friends and colleagues.Cookpad Recetas, best social App
Cookpad Recipes. You can search for recipes created by users and also easily publish yours in this community of amateur chefs. Do you want to share your adventures as a chef or talk about cooking? Download the app.

Most entertaining App:

It’s not to kill time, but to make the most of it: you can laugh, express yourself creatively and evade yourself at any time.PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video, most entertaining App
PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video. Create cartoon videos, GIFs with doodles and emojis with your photo. You decide whether you prefer not to complicate yourself or use advanced features such as adding multiple layers or using voice off.

Best application for day-to-day use:

Tools that help us encourage healthy habits to be more efficient and enjoy everyday tasks.Simple Habit Meditation, best application for day-to-day use
Simple Habit Meditation. Thanks to Simple Habit, you can start the day by meditating with daily sessions designed to adapt to the current pace of life. Choose between different teachers, themes and durations.

Most innovative application:

New interactive ways to organize your time and money, help others and explore the world around us.Pinterest, most innovative application
Pinterest. The next time you find an idea you want to retain, just think about Pinterest. Organize everything into collections and, when it’s time to get down to business, you’ll find it easy to find the ideas you’ve kept. Projects that you can create and shape.

Best application for children:

So useful and entertaining that parents will also like it. In this type of apps, parents are advised to verify that the content is appropriate.Star Walk, best application for children
Star Walk: Astronomy for Children Star Map turns teaching the fundamentals of astronomy, the structure of the solar system, stars and constellations and other objects of the sky into a fascinating game. Astronomers of the future can learn about planets, constellations and much more at the observatory or by traveling into space with an astronaut cow.

Best video game:

Thousands of game apps have been released throughout the year, all hoping to be the new Pokémon GO. Here in Spain we have been seduced by a game that has conquered the whole world.CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, best video game
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. A game in which kittens fight on board of handmade robots. The goal is to build a battle robot to show your power with other players in combat. It is a multiplayer fighting game for Android between online robots where you can build and improve your own machine. It has amazed everyone!

Most popular game:

The most beloved and played game and therefore the most downloaded in 2017.Super Mario Run, most popular game
Super Mario Run. Nintendo’s most iconic character plays the most downloaded game of 2017. A level-by-level game where Mario runs automatically because in Super Mario Run jumping is everything. Touch the screen for spectacular manoeuvres, jump from wall to wall, collect coins and reach the goal. Now Super Mario Run has been updated in a big way!

Your best app

We have tried to summarise what is the best that 2017 has left in the field of Apps and which are the ones that you should install to properly welcome 2018. If you are still looking for more you can see the full list of the best applications by category for 2017 in Google Play.

And now it’s your turn. Throughout the year you’ve probably downloaded a lot of apps. Probably many of them didn’t last long in your mobile, either because they were not what you expected or because they just were not for you. From those few who have stayed on your device, it is time to share your discoveries with us. Tell us, which App was the best for you in 2017? And what game has hooked you the most?

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