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Smartphones are growing bigger and bigger, unlike SIM cards which have been constantly decreasing in size. It seems incredible that in this day and age, the SIM card continues to be the removable heart or brain of our mobile phones. This card with chip contains many details, essentially it serves to safely store a code which identifies us with our operator. Without it, we would not be able to access important mobile phone functions including the data network or making and receiving calls.

At present three types of SIM card are in use: the standard SIM, the Micro SIM and the Nano SIM. Three different sizes corresponding to the different types of SIM available on the market and valid for the present-day models of mobile phone. This means that sometimes we have to change the type of SIM card, depending on the appliance we are going to use. And this is where the SIM card adapter comes into its own.

Types of SIM card

Standard SIM
This is the oldest model of the three types of SIM. On the whole, it is used in phones dating prior to 2010 although they are often found in telephones with basic functions only. It is the largest of the three, measuring 25×15 mm. Nowadays, it is unusual to find a standard SIM card slot in new appliances.

Micro SIM
Medium-sized, the Micro SIM was developed with the aim of making smartphones thinner and lighter. It measures 15×12 mm. It was introduced on the market in 2010 and many phones continue to use this type of card.

Nano SIM
This is the smallest of the three. The majority of new phones on the market use the standard Nano SIM which measures 12.3×8.8 mm. It only occupies the space of the chip, it has no edges, to make the most of the space inside the phone.

The SIM card adapterSIM card adapter

The SIM card adapter allows you to use a smaller SIM card in a telephone that needs a bigger one. This is perfect if you want to use the same SIM card in different phones or you are going to change to an old-style phone from a more modern one. The adapter provides the additional plastic necessary to ensure that the card is safe and does not move in the SIM card slot in your phone.

It is amazingly useful. You can make a call or send a text message, no matter what model of phone and SIM card you are using. You can use your card in your tablet, USB modem or other smartphone with slots of a different size to your current SIM. You keep your phone number, voice and data tariff of the principal line.

If you use several mobile phones, or you do not throw away older models, the SIM card adapter is just the thing for you.

In which appliances does it operate?

The Ideus SIM card adapter, ADNANOSIM, converts a Nano SIM card to a Micro SIM or standard SIM, and a Micro SIM to a standard SIM. This adapter can be used in other smartphones, simple phones for the elderly, tablets, iPads, vehicle hands-free, SIM card readers, USB modem, etc.
SIM removal tool

How to open the SIM tray of the smartphone?

The Ideus adapter comes with the right tool for ejecting the micro SIM or Nano SIM tray or even for removing the micro SD tray from the terminals, including in Apple devices.

To open the SIM tray of the mobile phone, insert the tool in the small opening next to the tray. Press a small spring which releases the tray so that you can extract it manually. In the majority of mobile phone models, the SIM tray is on the side of the appliance.

The extraction tool usually has a strong pointed tip and is the right size to prevent damage to the system. It is important not to use other types of unofficial tool, so watch out with safety pins, pins or toothpicks… If you use tools which are not designed for removing the SIM, you may damage the system if you are not careful.

What will replace the SIM card?

You have heard talk of a virtual SIM card, also known as the eSIM. That is, a fixed chip installed in the mobile phone device at the factory. The problem is that its implementation is proving more complicated than expected, and it would appear that it is going to take longer than expected.

For the moment, and until it is introduced, our Nano and Micro SIM to standard SIM adapter is at your disposal. It is bound to get you out of more than one tight spot while waiting for the new eSim era.


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