10 tech gifts for Christmas


Here is our selection of gadgets, mobile phone accessories and possible technology gifts to give away at Christmas. The best ideas to start the year with tons of rhythm, the mobile phone protected and willing to release such a unique accessory. Watch out, because these are the 10 gifts of technology that you would give yourself. It is available for all tastes and pockets.

1. For lovers of other realities

Virtual Reality 3D glasses

3D Ideus glasses

To enjoy virtual reality and immerse oneself in other worlds does not require a large financial outlay. These 3D glasses turn a smartphone up to 5.5 inches into a virtual reality device taking advantage of the features of any mobile phone. Browse 360º videos, watch 3D movies or play virtual reality. And to try them out, you have a list of 12 perfect apps to get you into the world of VR.

2. For photography enthusiasts

Lenses for smartphone

Ideus lenses for smartphone

No more boring photos, thank to the mobile lenses pack you’ll finally get the most creative images. Unleash all your wit with the macro lens to photograph small objects with superb sharpness or achieve stunning portraits. Thanks to its wide-angle lens you can capture everything from panoramic landscapes to group selfies. And for more eye-catching photos, the fisheye lens, that will make you feel as being inside the photograph. Best of all, you just need the camera of your cell phone.

3. For hooked to running

Mobile armband

Ideus sport tactile armband

Any outdoor sports lover who accompanies the activity with music and wears his mobile phone during training needs a sports bracelet to protect it. The aesthetics of this model fits the parameters of a good sports accessory, sweats sweat and its lycra fabric is so elastic that it fits the arm perfectly. Unlike other bracelets, the mobile phone can be handled in its entirety without removing it from the inside thanks to a super-touch screen.

4. For group selfie lovers

Selfie stick with mirror

Ideus Selfie stick with mirror

This stick selfie with mirror that so much likes passionate about photography and fans of group photos, incorporates a mirror to be able to use the rear camera of the mobile phone and see how the photo looks before shooting. Selfies with friends are still ten and nobody is taken out of the picture. With a folding system to carry in your pocket and a hand strap, it extends up to 78 cm for incredible selfies.

5. For those who speak frankly

Mobile for seniors

Mobile for seniors Ideus IM525

If your parents or grandparents want a phone just to call, send messages and take a picture, they’ll love the IM525 mobile phone. With a very practical design, it has large buttons and display, a camera, radio and Bluetooth. Built-in Micro SD card slot so you can store all photos of your children and grandchildren. It has a powerful loudspeaker that reads the numbers as you mark them, has shell closure, emergency button and vibrating alert. If you want to know more, we’ll tell you about it here.

6. For those who know how to keep up

Waterproof sport headphones

Ideus waterproof sport headphones

If the list of New Year’s resolutions is to start taking care of yourself and practicing more sport, without a doubt the star gift is these sport headphones to motivate those races at the beginning of the year. If you’re looking for headphones that fit in your pocket with good sound and extra support, you’ve got them. Thanks to the ear clip, you can exercise with the headphones securely fastened. They are resistant to water and sweat. They include remote call control, built-in microphone and bass enhancement. There’s no excuse for not having them.

7. For music lovers

Dual audio cable

Ideus dual stereo audio splitter

Giving the right gift to a music lover is not easy, if you’re looking to surprise the invisible friend, the double stereo audio splitter is an option to consider. This cable converts a headphone jack into two and lets you share the music from the device with two separate headphones. Because shared music sounds better. You can share your musical discoveries and favourite songs with your partner or friends. It includes two 3.5 mm audio ports and an audio jack, and is 24 cm long.

8. For battery eaters

Portable External Battery

5,000 mAh Ideus power bank

For adventurers who do not stop at home and need to have their mobile phone fully charged. With the external 5,000 mAh battery you can always have all devices charged in your pocket. What we like best is its design: rubberised finish, light and available in a lot of colours. Remember, you’ll have two loads on the fly in less than 90 minutes. It’s a lifesaver for any trip with friends. Useful and compact, it is the power bank that everyone would want.

9. For restless travellers

Mobile Car Holder

Mobile phone holder for car Ideus

Give as a present the star car accessory that every traveller is looking for. Anyone who has used their mobile phone as a GPS navigator knows that it is difficult to find perfect support. The Premium Ideus stand is easy to install and fits any phone model up to 6 inches. In addition, it has a suction cup holder system, articulated arm with 360° rotation and padded fixing. The safest way to carry your mobile phone in your car.

10. For cautious

Thin mobile phone case

Ultra-thin Ideus mobile phone case

Give the best protection for your mobile phone and a real gift to the touch. A case so thin you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. The ultra-fine Premium case is the second skin of the smartphone. Designed for total protection of the mobile phone, it has a polished synthetic leather front cover and a rigid and transparent rear casing. And it also includes an interior card holder to leave your wallet at home.

If you are passionate about technology, love to travel or simply appreciate good design, we have the gift that sure makes you feel special. You can check more options on our website. And, what other gifts would you include on the list?

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